How to feed your baby a bottle and still have a successful breastfeeding relationship

So you REALLY want to breastfeed, but you’re having all kinds of problems. You’re working with a lactation consultant, possibly working on your milk supply, or latch, or getting baby some needed bodywork, or possibly dealing with mastitis or thrush or any number of things. Whatever the case, your lactation consultant has recommended a pumping regimen and/or supplementing the baby. The most common method of supplementing is by bottle. But you’ve heard that if you start with a bottle, baby won’t go back to breast.

Is it true that giving a bottle will undermine breastfeeding?

Maybe. But not necessarily. It depends on how the bottle is given, and also somewhat on what kind of nipple is used. I could write a long description of how to give your baby a bottle in a way that is much less likely to undermine breastfeeding, but – guess what!! I just made a video demonstrating it! So stop reading, and just click on the video.

And remember: If you’re having this much trouble, you NEED to see an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) as soon as possible! Breastfeeding is supposed to be easy and fun. Pumping and supplementing – for whatever reason – most definitely ISN’T easy OR fun! If you’re not getting the help you need and are in the Sacramento area, I am available for in-home consultations after Dec. 15, 2015. Until then, or if you are not in the Sacramento area, you can email me, and we can set a Skype appointment. Whatever you do, don’t give up looking for help!

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