What My Clients Say:

Hypnotherapy Clients

“I’ve had several sessions with you now, and I noticed that something changed inside me recently. My husband and I are in the middle of some major life changes this year, and I’ve found as we work through all the details, I have a new sense of confidence and clarity, and a peace that wasn’t there before. I seem to know much better all of a sudden who I am, and why I do the things I do. Most of them are totally not “normal” things that most people do, and instead of being self-conscious about all of it (or nervous what other people might think of me), I actually love it. I love who I am, the journey that brought me to this place in life, and all the strange things I do.”
-Jenifer L

“Okay, so I was the last person to ever believe hypnotherapy was anything but a silly side-show act. Then I tried it. I only did it because my wife got me a free introductory session and I already knew Anita and trusted her. Anyway, now I’ve had about six or eight sessions, and I am totally stunned by the results. Emotional problems and hang-ups I’ve had for years just melted away without me even realizing it consciously until later. I used to be a very anxious and tense person, unable to relax even when I was supposed to be having a good time. Now, my life doesn’t feel so overwhelming and I can just approach problems and obstacles from a place of calm. I’ve become a kinder, gentler, more patient person with both my wife and kids (their words, not mine) and all without any real effort. You go, you sit in the chair, you relax for an hour, and WHAM! You grow. Amazing. Thanks Anita!”
-Kris A

Lactation Clients

“Anita, I just wanted to send you a note of gratitude! Louie finally became an excellent nurser (low transfer and colic). He was EBF and self-weaned at 15 months! Forever grateful for your help & encouragement. Just wanted you to know & thank you for sharing your gifts and wisdom with us. :)”

“As I was packing up my pump and supplies today I again reflected on your consulting during Hunter’s first months with us. I’m so grateful that God led us to you! We successfully nursed until Hunter was 11 months when HE decided he was done. I put my blue folder and your card in my supply bag so it’s handy should there be a next time.

Thank you again, so much, for guiding us through a very trying, stressful time and, as a result, enabling me to provide for Hunter and share some of my most cherished mommy/son memories.”
-Heather R

“As a brand new mom, I was headed downhill fast. Trying to recover from a 36-hour labor and lack of sleep, breastfeeding was quickly becoming my worst nightmare within the first weeks. People tried to give me tips on how to breastfeed: the midwife, my mom, mother-n-law, but my baby would fall asleep after feeding for only 10 minutes, and her belly would never be full. I couldn’t get any rest.

Then I called Anita. Within minutes she had my baby feeding without falling asleep. And she weighed her, and we discovered she had eaten enough to fill her belly! She taught me how to position myself so I can rest when I nurse, and my baby can feed comfortably. I cried I was so relieved. I no longer had to jostle my baby to keep her awake. The positioning and simple but indispensable nursing instruction has saved my family. I was almost ready to give up and go to formula. Now I get to bond with my baby and rest while she happily eats. She also taught me so much about attachment and how to get on a good sleep schedule. I now know the satisfaction of truly loving and nourishing my baby from a place of peace. Thank you Anita!!! You are a godsend. I could not have done this without you!”
-A. Lockett – Sacramento, CA

“After working with two other lactation consultants, our birth doula, Jen, introduced us to Anita. I was extremely reluctant to work with another LC but Anita was truly a miracle worker! Within minutes of meeting our baby she immediately understood what our problems were. She was very reassuring that we would be able to successfully breastfeed and developed a plan of action. Within days it was like we had never had a problem! Since then Anita has continued to support and encourage me as needed. She has not only made feeding a pleasure but also helped me develop a strong bond with my baby. Thank you Anita!!!”
– Anissa M.

HypnoBirthing Clients

“Thank you for helping to reshape the way I look at birth. Before your class I was convinced the birth process was going to be complete hell. I was absolutely terrified of what was to come. Had I not taken your class I’m pretty sure I would have been terrified of how my birthing was going progress. I am certain I would have been completely tense and in terrible pain. When I look back on my experience I feel very good about it. Your class allowed me to enter the process feeling positive and that helped me to maintain a beneficial out look during the birth. Someday my daughter will ask me what labor is like and it makes me very happy that I will get to share many positive things about the day she was born! Thanks again!”

“Overall, [my birth] was truly amazing and we attribute soooo much of this to hypnobirthing!! Thank you for taking the time to chat with us prior to the course and allowing us to believe in what the course has to offer.”
-Cassie P.

“I am still so grateful to you Anita. You got us started off on such the right foot. As I see my friends struggling to recover from C-sections I am so grateful I met you and we took the path we did. You are such a blessing to those of us who get to work with you.”
-Aimee G.

“Thank you for everything, Anita! You have been a true blessing to us and I can honestly say that Hypnobirthing and your guidance gave us the tools to have a beautiful, natural, and calm birth. Hypnobirthing taught me to trust my body and the natural process of birth. It taught us what birth could look like, it gave us the resources we needed to have a beautiful birth, and it kept me calm. It was so helpful for me to watch natural hypnobirthing videos so that I could actually see what birth could look like (not like what you see in the movies). It also gave my husband a really good idea of what birth entailed and what he could do to help me. I couldn’t have done it without his support, love, and attentiveness.”
-Emma D.

“Taking Anita’s Hypnobirthing class was one of the best decisions we made in the preparation for the birth of our first child. Not only was Anita incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of having a safe, natural birth, but she empowered as a couple to form our own birth vision. When the time came for the birth of our daughter we were well equipped with numerous tools. I’ve now carried her breathing and relaxation techniques into all aspects of my life and feel that her class has helped me to become a calmer and more mindful parent.”

Francesca and Jim