Welcome to Sacred Season!

I’m so glad you’re here.  I’m guessing you’re a new mom, pregnant, or wanting to be pregnant. And you’re running into some challenges you didn’t expect. You may have been searching for a solution for days or weeks, or even for years. I know from personal experience how frustrating it can be to find answers or meaningful help with the challenges of bringing our precious babies into this world.  That’s why I’m here – for you.

My life-calling is to help and support to moms (or moms-to-be) during the childbearing season of life. Wherever you are right now – pre-conception (fertility), pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding – you need more than information, though information is important.  You need more than encouragement, though I’m sure right now, you could sure use that!  You don’t need to be judged for your struggle, nor do you need to be patronised.  What you’ll find here is meaningful help, offered with compassion and without judgment, to equip you to journey through the childbearing season gracefully.

My goal with this site is to offer you something of value on each and every page. I encourage you to make full use of the resources here, and I will continue doing my best to provide as much help as I can. I read every comment and every email.

If you’re looking for more focused, personal help, addressing your particular concerns, I invite you to contact me by phone at (619) 636-7225 or you can email me by clicking the contact page. I would consider it an honor to be part of your journey to wholeness, healing, and joy in motherhood!

Take a look at the brief story snippets from some other women who have struggled below.

Do any of these women sound like you?

Janet is struggling to conceive and fighting feelings of inadequacy, and resentment (“this isn’t FAIR!”).  She’s feeling desperate and confused. She wants with all her heart to carry and give birth to her own baby.

Monique is a pregnant mom and she’s feeling a range of emotions every day. From joy, excitement and happy anticipation; to fear of pregnancy complications, potential birth defects, financial concerns, how her life is about to change, and “OMG – I’ve gotta get this baby OUT somehow!”

Valerie is newly pregnant and dealing with body issues, fearful of losing her “sexiness,” and just feeling “gross.”

Rachel has heard about “natural birth” without pain meds, and she’s not too sure about that, but open to learning the pros and cons. She has anxiety about the pain medication and anxiety about being without it.

Cindy just had her first baby and is struggling to breastfeed. She’s desperate for help – NOW. She had an over-managed birth and a traumatic experience. On any given day her breasts are engorged, her nipples raw, and her baby screaming. Her partner is every bit as desperate as she is. Her bleary brain is barely able to articulate the thought, “OMG – what do I do now?”

Danielle just had her second baby and had a traumatic birth experience that has left her feeling wounded and uncertain. She feels like this last birth and postpartum experience took her to unhealed places emotionally and she is shaken to her core.

If any of these women sound like you or someone you know, be encouraged. There is help for you. Call me.

With love,